Raise your standards, Turn your shoulds into musts!

If you REALLY want to lose weight/fat, if you REALLY want to heal your body from any ache, illness, disease, etc.., if you REALLY want that look and feel amazing, and have ability to do what you've always wanted, it is not done by GOING on a diet or starting any fad with a temporary fixed timeline, it is about changing yourself from within to reflect what you want to experience and what you want to BE! Do not go on a diet, as most diets are not sustainable and are meant to be temporary. The rebound effect of diets should be enough to show you they don't work in the long run. You must change the way you eat by turning your shoulds into musts, and by raising your standards for yourself to reflect what you want to do with your body and mind.

I'm going to be honest and blunt here, there is no short cut, no magic pill, no 21 day challenge, and no diet patch that will fix someones lack of goal setting, lack of self confidence, lack of belief, and lack of priorities. It is about making the necessary health changes part of your life and lifestyle. You must raise your standards for yourself because you love yourself, not because you hate yourself, and because you are worth working on. You are the single most important investment and project you will ever work on.

Raise your standards and invest in yourself