People don't need a 21 day challenge, or to wear moronic diet patches and follow a multi level marketing cult. They need to be properly educated and learn about how THEIR body functions, what they need to work on based on a proper screening assessment of their individual hormonal and nutrient deficiencies/imbalances, organ dysfunction, toxicity, the right amount and TYPE of food and exercise THEY need. Not this lazy bogus cookie cutter one size fits all disinformation.

Please, do not fall for fads, gimmicks, and any other type of crazy hype.

Don't get me wrong, I do have a lot of understanding and know that, on average, people have good intentions and are doing their best with what they have learned to date. But, to be selling gimmicky products, hopping in the marketing train, and regurgitating verbatim incorrect information to people without even learning a single thing about nutrition, how the digestive system functions, physiology, proper supplementation, the fact that people have individual biochemistry, or anything, is irresponsible and just wrong. The amount of facepalms I've done in the past few months has been epic