Stop Spraying Febreze On Your Problems

Escaping reality, distractions, me time, and priorities.

What I see more and more is people trying to escape reality and suffering the consequences. The most common ways you will see this is with drugs and alcohol, spending far too much time consistently checking their FB newsfeed and Instagram, reality TV, mindless games, and a long list of other distractions accessible at our fingertips. I'm not against people watching a movie or a good show here and there. I too love movies and a little TV myself (Game of Thrones). People run into trouble when they are consistently distracting themselves from the self-work and development they NEED to do, and the problems they need to take care of.

I know life can get very overwhelming at times, but if we want to build a better life for ourselves and the ones we care about, we must start with ourselves and work on ourselves and these situations we are in. If we don't, the problems and issues we face will pile up sky high and then we will have to deal with a much larger problem. Think of it as your kitchen garbage, try ignoring that for a few weeks or months and see what will happen. Don't be the person who sprays Febreze on your problems in hopes they will go away. They will not go away. This is what a lot of people do with their health, relationships, and so on.

In the past, I did this to myself and suffered the consequences, so I'm not speaking from a place of perfection. Today, I am consistently working on myself and developing ways to make sure I do what I need to do to become the greatest version of myself. The most important thing for anyone to do is the get the momentum going and make sure you keep it going. This can be done by just putting the first foot forward in getting a task or thing done that you have been procrastinating on. You will get a surge of confidence and feel the momentum building. KEEP IT GOING! Don't stop. Start the next task, the next thing on the list whatever it is and keep going. You will notice after just things you have checked off the list that you are building your confidence and feel like you can do anything. The truth is, you can. Most of the stress and obstacles are created by thought and kept in our heads. Write it down, talk about it with someone you trust and respect. And don't just complain about your problems either. That gets nothing done. Work on solutions and figure out the things you can and cannot control. You just have to keep on track, focus, prioritize your day, and stay away from time-wasting distractions.

Once you get everything completed that you needed to get done, then you can relax to recharge your batteries so you can keep going. Now put the Febreze down and get to work!